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     - When we needed a new roof on our home we really had no idea where to being the search.  We have lived in Atlanta for over 5 years, but honestly, how often do you need your roof replaced :) We found these guys through a friend of ours in the neighborhood and couldn't have been more pleased.  Lola, Richard and the rest of their team came out the same day we called them, gave us a written estimate, and it was not only priced aggressively, but their knowledge and experience was obvious.  Best of all they started on time and finished on time, 2 things we have not always received from contractors.  I would highly recommend Houseworth Construction Roofing Division if you need any kind of roof repair or replacement - Juliana Dorothea
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Atlanta Roofing Blog

Freezing Temperatures For Atlanta Roofs and Roofers

by Bill Mixon on 01/07/15

BRRR!!  It's Freezing outside!  Tonight it is expected to drop below 20 degrees and that's cold for all of us here in the Atlanta Metro Area!  If you are a roofer in the Atlanta Metro region and need to be outside over the next few days please take caution!  As seasoned professionals in the industry that have worked in extreme heat and cold, we know that the enviornment can truly impact the installation or repair of residential and commercial roofing systems.  Make sure you check all materials for gutters, roofs and siding to make sure that these components can be installed in below freezing temperatures otherwise 2 things will occur:

  1. The roofing, gutter, or siding system wont fasten or function properly
  2. The home or business owner will not be happy!
For the roofers out there, make sure you bundle up to protect any exposed skin, and always check the footing on your roof that you are about to walk on - check for ice spots, wet spots not only there but on the ladder as well.  We wish everyone a warm as possible and safe work week in these frigid temps.  Visit our website if you need any additional info

Heavy Rains in Atlanta Can Give Insight into Your Roof

by Bill Mixon on 01/02/15

We know that no one likes the rain, but one benefit is that if you take the time to inspect the exterior of your home the rain we dislike can save you $$!  How? Simple,  With the extreme heat and heavy rains in the Atlanta area, often times parts of your roofing system can begin to fail over the years, from the siding to the flashing and beyond.  Unfortunately, many of the people that are homeowners have no idea how to spot these issues early on and when untreated small issues lead to big costly problems by way of major roof repair or even roof replacement!  Here are some simple things to look for that could save you $ and potential water damage.

  1. Do you see any water under you gutter system on the brick or siding - wet spots or stains?  This could be a sign of the flashing to your roofing system seperating in one area or more of the house - call a roofer fast if you notice this.
  2. Do you see any water coming thru exterior light fixtures?  Are there cracks that you notice on any elevated patios or veranda's that are present at the home?  If so you may have an issue with the seal
  3. What about water teaming over the side of the gutter on the home?  You probably have a clog!  We need to clean those gutters
  4. What about wet spots in the top level of the home or discolored paint on the interior of exteriors walls?  Sure sign there is water getting in somewhere!
If you spot any of these issues or just know that your roof is over 10 years old, contact us today or visit our website for more information!  Inspections are free as are estimates!

Is your Roof Ready for the Atlanta Winter?

by Bill Mixon on 12/05/14

When was the last time you looked up at your roofing system - everything from the siding to the gutters and downspouts to the shingles play a part in protecting your home from Water Damage.  Most people, even if they look, don't know what to look for which is why you should call a professional Atlanta Roofer to look at your home today before any damage can occur.  the team at have years of experience finding and fixing roofing issues and right now are offering a FREE INSPECTION to anyone that calls by Jan 1st!  With rain and snow and sleet and hail expected from now thru end of March, you must be sure that siding is intact, gutters aren't clogged, and shingles aren't damaged otherwise you could end up with water in your home, and that will cost a pretty penny to clean up!

Roofing in the Winter of Atlanta

by Bill Mixon on 11/24/14

    The temperatures are falling and the winter is upon us here in the Atlanta Metro Area.  Whats the state of you roof?  A question no one ever ass themselves until it is too late!  With the cold rain, the wind and the potential for Ice and even snow on the way we know that a roof system must be completely intact to survive the winter blast and to keep your family safe!  Also the gutters....and what about your siding?  All of these components make up your roofing system, and any one piece of the system failing can lead to costly repairs not only to the roof itself but potentially to the interior!  

    The specialists at our roofing firm offer free inspections and free estimates for any work that needs to be done.  We are only a phone call away and we can get to your Atlanta area home in 24 hrs!  Dont delay, whats the harm in haing your entire roof system checked for free?

Hiring a Roofer in Atlanta

by Bill Mixon on 09/04/14

Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor:

There are 5 main things that anyone looking to hire a roofer in the Atlanta Metro area should do to ensure that they get the best roofer possible.  The list is as follows:
  • Explore All Options - Dont just make one call...make multiple - check out reviews, check out google, yahoo and bing, and ask friends and family about their experiences - there are lots of options, dont just hire the first one that comes thru the door.
  • Check References - You are only as good as real people say you are.  Look at the reviews for the business, and then if it passes that test then ask the roofer for a few referrals, if there is no one that is willing to say they do great work or are fair, then it is probable that no one wants them. 
  • Interview the Roofing Contractor - pretend this is a job interview and you are the boss because you are!  Prepare some questions for the roofer and dont hold back - this is your home, your family and your $!
  • Get a Written Contract - words are cheap, paper is forever :) whatever they quote and or promise, get it IN WRITING!
  • Inspect the Work - upon completon, dont just pay, inspect first!
     It is our hope that these 5 steps help you make the right choice when choosing a roofer.