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     - When we needed a new roof on our home we really had no idea where to being the search.  We have lived in Atlanta for over 5 years, but honestly, how often do you need your roof replaced :) We found these guys through a friend of ours in the neighborhood and couldn't have been more pleased.  Lola, Richard and the rest of their team came out the same day we called them, gave us a written estimate, and it was not only priced aggressively, but their knowledge and experience was obvious.  Best of all they started on time and finished on time, 2 things we have not always received from contractors.  I would highly recommend Houseworth Construction Roofing Division if you need any kind of roof repair or replacement - Juliana Dorothea
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Heavy Rains in Atlanta Can Give Insight into Your Roof

by Bill Mixon on 01/02/15

We know that no one likes the rain, but one benefit is that if you take the time to inspect the exterior of your home the rain we dislike can save you $$!  How? Simple,  With the extreme heat and heavy rains in the Atlanta area, often times parts of your roofing system can begin to fail over the years, from the siding to the flashing and beyond.  Unfortunately, many of the people that are homeowners have no idea how to spot these issues early on and when untreated small issues lead to big costly problems by way of major roof repair or even roof replacement!  Here are some simple things to look for that could save you $ and potential water damage.

  1. Do you see any water under you gutter system on the brick or siding - wet spots or stains?  This could be a sign of the flashing to your roofing system seperating in one area or more of the house - call a roofer fast if you notice this.
  2. Do you see any water coming thru exterior light fixtures?  Are there cracks that you notice on any elevated patios or veranda's that are present at the home?  If so you may have an issue with the seal
  3. What about water teaming over the side of the gutter on the home?  You probably have a clog!  We need to clean those gutters
  4. What about wet spots in the top level of the home or discolored paint on the interior of exteriors walls?  Sure sign there is water getting in somewhere!
If you spot any of these issues or just know that your roof is over 10 years old, contact us today or visit our website for more information!  Inspections are free as are estimates!

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