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Roofing Tips for Atlanta Residents

by Bill Mixon on 08/01/14

Here are some roofing tips to keep in mind to prevent damage or when damage has occurred

Safety first- If you notice a leak and it’s raining or snowing outside don’t jump the gun! Allow Mother Nature to calm down before you have a look at your roof, if you don’t it could land you in the hospital.

·         Be cautious- Climbing around on a roof puts your body in awkward positions. Be sure to wear rubber sole shoes and a harness as a precaution. Always have a safety buddy with you.

·         Clean the roof- Take a water hose and spray the roof down to look for the leak. If it is wintertime wait, it is not safe to do so when it is freezing outside.

·         Clean your gutters- Having gutters that are packed full can cause the water to build up while it is raining.

·         Prevent ice buildup- In the wintertime, ice easily builds up under the roof membrane, shingles and gutters. The ice builds back up when it reaches the wall line where the house is heated and it creates an interior drip.

·         Inspect your roof materials- Shingles can be faulty after they have been nailed down. Faulty installation can cause leaks very easily, make sure you know what you are doing. Better yet give us a call.

·         Check the valleys- The valley of your roof is where the intersection of two roofs come together. These can easily leak because when it rains all the water goes there and then it begins to slosh back and forth.

·         Eliminate leaks- If you have found a leak in your roof give us a call. We can patch it up without having to replace the entire roof in most cases.

 These are some handy tips for you if you do want to do some of the upkeep yourself. As always if you have any problems we can come out and look at your roof on the same day. We are fast but reliable so don’t hesitate to ask.

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