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     - When we needed a new roof on our home we really had no idea where to being the search.  We have lived in Atlanta for over 5 years, but honestly, how often do you need your roof replaced :) We found these guys through a friend of ours in the neighborhood and couldn't have been more pleased.  Lola, Richard and the rest of their team came out the same day we called them, gave us a written estimate, and it was not only priced aggressively, but their knowledge and experience was obvious.  Best of all they started on time and finished on time, 2 things we have not always received from contractors.  I would highly recommend Houseworth Construction Roofing Division if you need any kind of roof repair or replacement - Juliana Dorothea
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Roof Installation by Barrelle

by Bill Mixon on 05/11/15

Roof Repair

 Everyone knows that installing a new roof costs money and is something that is put off for as long as possible most of the time.  When it comes time to deciding whether if you need your roof replaced, there are a few things to keep in mind:

 -        How old is your existing roof?  Most shingle roofs now days will last 20-25 years if installed properly.  This will depend greatly on whether or not the roof has been maintained or shingles have been repaired when damaged.  It will also depend on how many layers of shingles on currently on the roof and the quality of workmanship.  It is always a good idea to have a quality roofing company come out and inspect your roof.

-        When looking at your roof, are the shingles still in a straight line or are they sagging or irregularities present?  If you see any sagging, there could be sheathing underneath that is rotting, thus causing more damage.  If there are valleys in the shingles then snow and rain will be gathering in this location.

-        When cleaning your gutters (which is an extremely important thing to do twice a year) do you see pieces of shingles or asphalt granules in the gutter?  If so, this is a sign that the shingles are breaking down and in need of replacement.

-        Are their shingles that are breaking off or curling?  Shingles should be in a straight line, laying flat against the surface.  If there are any cracked, curled or shingles that are misshapen, this means the shingles are deteriorating which is a natural thing to occur in time.

-        Chimneys have a lot of potential to leak and it is important that their flashing be in tact and tight fitting at all times.  When it becomes loose, it becomes a weak spot in the roof and is subject to causing further damage.

Checking on these items will often determine if you are ready for a new roof. 

When choosing a quality roofing company for your next roof, make sure that they company has been around for a while and is local.  Also, make sure they are licensed as well as insured for your own safety and protection.  Ask about the materials they use as well as seeing if they will give you a written estimate with a price guarantee.

At Barrelle Roofing, your roofing needs come first.  We specialize in roof replacement as well as repairs that include wall flashings, chimney flashings, ridge vents, siding issues, gutter repairs, valleys, cracked pipe boots, soffit and faschia, storm damage of all kinds, missing and/or damaged shingles, skylight issues and more.  We offer same day roof inspections and free estimates for all of our clients as well as affordability and fast service.  We look forward to serving you and your roof soon.

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